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About Cyberpsychology:

Our Psyche Under the Influence of the Internet

The Internet has become today’s defining medium and considerably influences the behaviour of many people. Our experiences in social media, our relationships with end devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, and the ways in which our immediate physical environment is being artificially expanded by “cyberspace”, are all part and parcel of the field of “media psychology”.

What are social apps, online videos, Internet communities, online shops and chat forums doing to us? If, in the 1960s, TV was postulated as a “second-hand reality”, what effect will the increasing electronic networking of humanity with a variety of increasingly intelligent technologies and end devices have? Are our online lives riskier than our real ones? Do we need digital risk literacy? Could some of us already be cyberpsychos?

Kaspersky Lab researched this question in collaboration with Professor Dr Frank Schwab and Dr Astrid Carolus from the Working Unit for Media Psychology at the University of Würzburg, and will be publishing its findings in an occasional series.